7 eleven underpayment scams

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Scams, blackmail, rorts: Shocking exploitation of 7-Eleven workers

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7-Eleven staff work twice as long at half pay rate, investigation reveals

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7-Eleven: Covert video captures worker being forced to pay back wage in cash

In late August a joint Fairfax and Four Corners investigation shone a spotlight on one of Australia’s biggest corporate scandals. The convenience store giant 7-Eleven was exposed for being complicit in wage theft worth tens of millions of dollars.

7-Eleven half pay scam laid bare

7-Eleven to pay out struggling franchisees as the company reels from 4 Corners’ ‘half-pay scam’ allegations 7-Eleven was accused of panel to examine underpayment claims and.

A joint investigation into 7-Eleven stores by Four Corners and Fairfax Media has found systemic underpayment of wages and the doctoring of.

The 7-Eleven chief executive Warren Wilmot said: “The key factor here is that the panel will receive, review, and process any claim of underpayment, and authorise repayment where this is appropriate,” The practices continuous in other forms underpayment, employees are still asked to. The Australian government’s fair work ombudsman has uncovered ‘persistent’ underpayment of Korean workers in Australia, particularly in restaurants, cleaning and construction industries.

Myer, 7-Eleven and Pizza Hut. Systemic wage fraud and the underpayment of 7-Eleven workers was exposed by Four Corners and Fairfax Media last year, prompting the company to set up a wages compensation panel.

The agreement also aims to tackle the cash back scams. Under the new agreement, 7-Eleven says it will continue to keep the names of workers who .

7 eleven underpayment scams
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7-Eleven half pay scam laid bare - The Socialist