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On the baffling beauty-first approach of the UFC's 'TUF 20' ads

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The Latest Baffling Instagram Beauty Trend Involves Hair Extensions For Your Nostrils

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Eight baffling must-see Japanese beauty products that'll make you ask 'why?'

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The Baffling Creative Choices of Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Global Beauties

Our friends Peeping Pomeranian and Ceci Beauty Therapy recapped the recent years in lots of detail (prices, photos, inventory). Read on and brace prepare yourself! This is quite the event for Kbeauty.

Eight baffling must-see Japanese beauty products that'll make you ask 'why?'

Instagram beauty trends are rarely for the faint of heart, with recent examples including squiggle brows (and their even freakier cousin, squiggle lips), feather brows, glitter tongues, bubble masks, and so much impractical nail art it’s a wonder anyone can even physically do their makeup anymore.

Mostly they’re fun, if wildly impractical, but this. The UFC's marketing for this historic season of "The Ultimate Fighter" seems oddly fixated on the female contestants' looks, which makes one wonder how the promotion views not only women's MMA.

Kirsten Magazine added 8 new photos to the album: #2 - BAFFLING BEAUTY — with Jessie Lefler Makeup Artist and 2 others. · June 17, · EDITO - KIRSTEN #2 - BAFFLING BEAUTY.

Baffling beauty
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