Citrix netscaler rewrite action news

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NetScaler URL Transform and Rewrite for 302 Location Header Redirects

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Nov 12,  · Redirect Web Interface on Citrix NetScaler with Rewrite function November 12, 20 Comments When you install and configure Web Interface on Citrix NetScaler nCore you probably notice that there is no option to automatically go to the default Citrix XenApp page as you were used to in a Microsoft IIS install of the Citrix.

How to Use NetScaler Rewrite Feature to Insert User Defined Cookie and Set Its Attributes in HTTP Response to Client.

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Configure a Rewrite action and Policy, and bind the policy to the appropriate bind point. Citrix Documentation - NetScaler Policy Expression Reference. List of the most recent changes to the free Nmap Security Scanner. Dec 16,  · Hi, I am strugling to set-up a rewrite policy so as to replace a particular string from a client request to server with a new string.

We have ssl of. NetScaler rewrites the URL to append /Citrix/StoreWeb/ to the URL which directs users to Receiver for Web.

This is just one way you can use URL Rewrite. To see how to set Receiver for Web as the default web page in IIS see this post. To delete a rewrite action, select the rewrite action you want to delete, then click Remove and, when prompted, confirm your choice by clicking OK.

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Citrix netscaler rewrite action news
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