Ctpat training

Using Risk Assessment to Prepare Companies to be CTPAT Compliant throughout the Supply Chain

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FNG C-TPAT Vendor Survey

Space is a company with the infraestructure required to provide comprehensive services in the matter or Foreign Trade. At SPACE, we favored a policy of quality in all the services that we provide to our clients, always exceeding their expectations with efficiency, friendliness, speed, advanced technology and legal security in all its customs operations.

SpeedX Transport Ltd provide 24/7 fastest & affordable cargo services for your transportation requirements between Canada and USA. NORDSTROM Education and Training| C. Security Guards: Factories should ensure that security guards receive specialized training on Nordstrom CTPAT.

CTPAT Consultants. Norman Jaspan Associates, Inc. “NJAI” provides consulting services for all phases of the CTPAT process, including but not limited to certification, domestic and foreign site visits, validation, “NJAI Online CTPAT Training,” five-step risk assessment and re-validation, NJAI has provided these services to a variety of clients ranging from privately to publically held.

Our seminars are in-person and held in over 25 cities throughout the United States. Class size is kept small to allow for Q&A and discussion. Class price includes continental breakfast and a reference book.

Ctpat training
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