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English Composition 2

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ENGL002: English Composition II

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View Notes - English Comp II Discussion docx from ENG at Columbia College. What are the techniques that should be used in revising a paper?

What revision techniques do you plan on using in. An ACT English (E) score of or SAT(CR) score of indicates that student should enroll in ENG E Composition l Extended.

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Students scoring on the ACT(E) or on the SAT(CR) may register for ENG Composition l. ENG COMP English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric. 3 Credits. Further instruction and practice in the rhetorical techniques and types of writing covered in English Composition I, but with greater emphasis on rhetorical and critical analysis; may also include elements such as original research and the conventions of writing for specific academic communities.

ENG English Composition II: CO2. 3 Credit Hours • 45 Contact Hours (Lecture) Prerequisite: ENG (Grade of C or higher) Expands and refines the objectives of English Composition I. Emphasizes critical/logical thinking and reading, problem definition, research strategies, and writing analytical, evaluative, and/or argumentative compositions.

Comp Eng Design I Y 1 N 0 Y N Y N Y N CPE Comp Eng Design II N 0 Y 2 N Y N Y N Y. EE Intro to Digital Logic Des Y 2 Y 1 Y Y Y Y Y Y EE Digital Logic Design Lab Y 3. As a continuation of English Composition I, this course focuses on analysis and argument while devoting attention to academic research and writing, critical thinking across the curriculum, citation, and documentation.

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