Hot flashes are no joke when

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The Four Main Reasons Why Women Get Hot Flushes

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The hot flashes do eventually pass but they sure are uncomfortable while you have them! Always dress in layers, no matter the season. I used to keep a cold drink next. After the full 12 months, the benefits persisted, with the group members maintaining an average of per cent fewer hot flashes and night sweats compared with at the start of the study.

What Are Hot Flashes?

Hot Flash Humor: A Male Perspective. By LynetteSh on February 22, in Hot Flashes. Halema`uma`u Volcanic Vent.

I’ve been getting more and more mail from men who are accompanying their mates on the Menopause journey. The latest note from James Lawson cracked me up. My wife has been having hot flashes for over 8 years now, and believe.

Hot flashes are no joke when
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