Impact of automobile

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What Was the Impact of Automobiles in the 1920s?

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Automobile also made factories grow over the America. Automobiles provided more job opportunities for people by increasing the number of factories and industries around the America. What impact did Automobile had on industries? Automobile changed the society by.

The Impact of the Invention of the Automobile on Society and the World Words 3 Pages Karl Benz invented the first automobile in ; it has changed the world in how we commute every day. impacts on the automotive industry The U.S. automotive industry is facing a difficult if not unprecedented period of competition and capital spending in its efforts to compete with Japanese automakers and to meet pending government regulations on emissions control and safety.

The advent of the automobile in the s had an incredible impact on nearly every facet of American life. The growth of the automobile industry led to a number of important developments in the economic sphere, with many different industrial spin-offs. The automobile’s impact on American life is everywhere, for the car is much more than a means of traveling from one place to another.

This web site explores some of that vast impact. It is designed primarily with college students and faculty in mind, but students and educators at other levels, as well as the general public, will find it of interest. A more obvious impact from the automobile is the large amount of jobs that it created.

Jobs in several fields opened up thanks to the automobile Jobs in factories, industry, convenience stores, gas stations, state police, mechanics and highway opened up all due to the automobile.

Impact of automobile
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