Maguindanao massacre

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SC halts graft, usurpation trial vs Aquino over bloody Mamasapano raid

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Maguindanao massacre

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Cotabato City

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ONGOING CASE. Justice remains elusive for victims of the Maguindanao massacre. File photo by Ben Nabong/Rappler. MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – After two presidents, the Philippines' worst.

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GMA upholds ethical standards of. Maguindanao Massacre Witness Details Mass Burial.


In Julythe man who operated the excavator that buried the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre disclosed how the politically powerful Ampatuan clan ordered him to carry out the act in an exclusive interview with the Philippines’ GMA News. Geography. The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is situated in mainland Mindanao in the southern Philippines and was created by virtue of the Republic Act No.

which signed into law by President Corazon Aquino on August 1, The plebiscite was conducted in the proposed area of ARMM on November 17, in the provinces of Maguindanao. 1 day ago · MAGUINDANAO, Philippies — The families of victims of the vaunted November 23, Maguindanao massacre are now anxiously looking forward to the.

Nov 22,  · MANILA, Philippines – After nine long years, the decision on the gruesome Maguindanao Massacre will be out soon.

Behind the Philippines' Maguindanao Massacre

This, after the primary suspect in the crime, former Mayor Unsay Ampatuan Jr. of Datu Andal, Maguindanao, submitted .

Maguindanao massacre
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Why the Philippines' Maguindanao Massacre Happened - TIME