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Assessment of Project Piaba’s potential for forest carbon offset

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Project Amazonas, Inc. and Margarita Tours., Florissant, Missouri. likes. A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Protection, Preservation and. The multimillion dollar, 6-year project will restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazonia region by Spanning 30, hectares of land, the equivalent of the size of 30, soccer fields and nearly 70, acres, the project is the largest tropical forest restoration in the world.

Medical and dental volunteers have the opportunity of making immediate contributions to the health and welfare of the people of the Amazon, and are welcomed by Project Amazonas.

Medical and dental volunteers have the opportunity of making immediate contributions to the health and welfare of the people of the Amazon, and are welcomed by Project Amazonas. The goal of the Amazon Conservation project is to help protect the Amazon rainforest through research and community work in the Manu volunteer role changes day-to-day and will be a combination of some of the following projects depending on what is required at the time.

Project amazonas
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