Slavery vs holocaust

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Black Slavery VS Jewish Holocaust?

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What is the difference between the Holocaust and slavery?

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Can You Compare African Slave Trade to the Holocaust? In a special interview with Haaretz, Marcus Rediker, author of book 'The Slave Ship: A Human History,' talks about 'floating concentration camps' and why the Black community should never forget.

Slavery-Oppression Holocaust- Persecution. Slavery was a cruel disregard and oppression towards human beings throughout history, but that oppression pales in comparison to the abominable persecution of Jewish people during the Holocaust.

But if your talking about the specific "holocaust vs African american slavery", I'd say the holocaust was the worst say for a person killed in it vs.

a person who was a slave. Just people what was done to a person in maximum years they managed to survive was outright brutal. Can You Compare African Slave Trade to the Holocaust?

History and guilt

In a special interview with Haaretz, Marcus Rediker, author of book 'The Slave Ship: A Human History,' talks about 'floating concentration camps' and why the Black community should never forget. Slavery and the holocaust each had a main purpose, though they may have been different. The slave’s purpose was to buy out or sell African Americans.

The Nazis purpose during the holocaust was to murder the entire Jewish population.

Slavery vs. the Holocaust: Why we should stop the 'struggle equation'

Slavery vs. Holocaust When discussing slavery and the holocaust you will learn that they have similarities and differences. Is one greater than the other, I don’t see one being greater than the other as they both were unwillingly taken .

Slavery vs holocaust
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