Taboos in indian culture

Cambodia Culture & Traditions

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Symbolism Of Colors And Color Meanings Around The World

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Culture and etiquette

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Saying NO to tradition: Indian couples breaking caste taboos

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Jun 30,  · Menstruation – Talking about menstruation in public is wrong, it is definitely not a part of our culture and people who do it are not well-cultured or rooted. A girl undergoing menstruation is unclean, and thus should not be allowed to pray or do certain other things.

These Taboos In Our Pakistani Society Need To Be Questioned

Sex – Sex before marriage is a big no. Speaking about sex in public is bad, it is not to be discussed, and doing anything. Recommend this story by Shruthi Prakash Adiodi and help it reach more people.

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Manataka American Indian Council. CHEROKEE FORBIDDEN WAYS Some things Cherokee believed were not to be done 1.

There are some animals that should not ordinarily be killed. Socio-cultural Taboos concerning Menstruation: A Micro Level Study in the Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu, India Indian customs(M.D Ragavan, ). In Hindu culture, certain taboos are usually followed.

Though some taboos seem to be superstitious, they are useful to maintain menstrual hygiene. For example, once menstruation began she is. Delhi-based artist Murari Jha creates a set of hybrid creatures for the art show, Fondle triggered by the #MeToo movement Curator Shaunak Mahbubani conjures a creative playground with artist.

Taboos in indian culture
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