Types of volcanic eruptions

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Types of Volcanic Eruptions

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Types of Volcanic Eruptions

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In general, eruptions can be categorized as either effusive or explosive. Volcanoes erupt in many extraordinary ways, depending on the material it is erupting.

Eruptions may be strombolian, vulcanian, vesuvian, hawaiian, phreatic, plinian and others.

Types Of Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic domes commonly occur within the craters or on the flanks of large composite volcanoes. The nearly circular Novarupta Dome that formed during the eruption of Katmai Volcano, Alaska, measures feet across and feet high. Types of eruptions Multiple types of eruptions can occur at each of New Zealand’s volcanoes - the eruption type can vary minute to minute.

The style of eruption depends on a number of factors, including the magma chemistry and content, temperature, viscosity (how runny the magma is), volume and how much water and gas is in it, the presence.

Types of volcanic eruptions

A volcano is an opening in Earth's crust where magma breaks through, raining down molten rock, ash and gases. There are several types of volcanoes.

What Are Some Types of Volcanic Eruptions?

Volcanic Eruptions. The most common type of volcanic eruption occurs when magma (the term for lava when it is below the Earth's surface) is released from a volcanic vent.

Eruptions can be effusive, where lava flows like a thick, sticky liquid, or explosive, where fragmented lava explodes out of a vent.

Types of volcanic eruptions
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Types Of Volcanic Eruptions - Earth Facts and Information